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Software Development

Our highly qualified engineering team will help you with your software needs. Experienced in software development for embedded devices and distributed systems we will have an answer for your project. Focusing on functionality we utilise what is required for your project's success. We use real time operating systems to ensure your system's reliability in the field. Our team can also lift your solution to the cloud using state of the art backend servers written in C#. 

If you have a software project in the pipelines get in touch to find out what we can do for you!


Interface coding

Connections between two devices can be tricky when they do not speak the same language. Here at Sleipnir we have started offering interface coding to bridge the gap between two pieces of equipment, enabling data acquisition, intelligent monitoring, and remote control to name a few uses. If you have a problem which requires bridging two interfaces together, please get in touch and together we can investigate what it takes.

Microcontroller firmware

At Sleipnir we pride ourselves on quality microcontroller firmware. We keep to our principles of adaptability and modularity, which enable us to create capable and sophisticated firmware. We are familiar with a variety of RTOSs, as well as bare metal programming. We take care of the firmware for most of the electronics boards we develop and offer continued support and new development. We also welcome projects where older devices require new features added.

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