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Sleipnir Electronics Ltd. was founded to aid various UK businesses with their Internet of Things electronics design. We have since expanded our expertise and client base to provide custom solutions in anything from wearable medical devices to software systems. Situated on the Wirral in the North West of England we are committed to providing honest and professional services for our clients throughout the world.

Soldering circuit board

Our founder

Atli Thrastarson is our lead design engineer. He has a thorough background in electronics design, with an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering and a B.S. in Electronics and Computer Engineering. He founded Sleipnir Electronics in 2017, after living in Liverpool for two years, with the aim of helping companies around the Liverpool and Wirral area to develop their hardware solutions. Before his B.S. he worked in industrial control, but since graduating he has worked in R&D for several different companies, in fields such as optics, robotics, image processing, and IoT.

“I am passionate about designing robust devices for specific applications. I love to solve problems and strive to challenge myself as often as possible. “


Sleipnir's lab

Sleipnir has expanded its electronics lab drastically in the last few years, adding electronics measurement devices to better enable development, validation, and characterisation of PCBs. We make it our priority to provide every design service required by our clients. We have added rapid prototyping capability through 3D printing and having access to laser cutters and a CNC machine. We continue to expand our capability and will strive to provide the best services we can.

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